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Glenn Suokko Art and Design presents several portfolios of his work in the creative fields of graphic design, book design, photography, and painting.



Suokko Art and Design is a multidisciplinary studio, blending photography, writing, graphic design, and music. We—Glenn Suokko, Ann Suokko, and Mitchell Manacek—create digital and print perspectives on art, design, and lifestyle.


We convey the integral beauty in the work of individuals who make things by hand, cook food, or express ideas. Beauty in things is important. It might be the way something looks, feels, tastes, or sounds. We find it in the imperfect—the kind of rough-around-the-edges beauty—that leans towards natural simplicity and elegance. It could be in a loaf of bread, potatoes dug fresh from the garden, the weathered side of an old building, a solo piano performance, or a coffee mug. Living in Vermont, our subjects can often be found in our own towns and neighborhoods, where artists and artisans craft and embody the organic refinement that inspires us. 


Suokko art + design is a multidisciplinary studio.

We tell beautiful stories, simply and effectively, through the design of books, branding and identities, photography, catalogues, and websites. Through our art gallery we offer artwork and art installation consultation.