Shelburne Farms : House


“During the late nineteenth century, the Vanderbilts were the leaders in creating new residential sensations and some of the most opulent mansions in the United States. Lila Webb’s siblings began to build “country cottages” as summer retreats outside of New York City in fashionable settings such as Newport, Rhode Island, and Lenox, Massachusetts. . . . Lila, the eighth child and youngest daughter of William Henry Vanderbilt, and her husband, Dr. William Seward Webb, chose to construct their country estate not in the fashionable locations of the day but in rural Vermont. Its great natural beauty, far away from the social strictures and demands of their social status, captivated them.”

Glenn Suokko, “Shelburne House,” in Shelburne Farms: House, Gardens, Farm, and Barns (New York: Rizzoli International Publications, 2017), 61.