Our Studio

Glenn Suokko Design is a creative studio.

We focus on creating art, design, and lifestyle books. 

From our offices in Vermont, we provide photography, design, and editing services for our clients.

We also create and publish our own books and journals, as well as books for artists and writers.

Glenn Suokko

Creative director

Glenn oversees project development and management, graphic design, photography, and writing. Glenn’s professional goal is to create clarity and beauty through the combination of word and image to develop meaningful stories on the page.

He established Valise Print Artisans in 2017; he is creative director and is responsible for project development. Valise creates and publishes books on art, design, and lifestyle.

In his recent work, Glenn has authored, photographed, and designed Shelburne Farms: House, Gardens, Farm, and Barns (Rizzoli, 2017) and Simon Pearce: Design for Living (Rizzoli, 2016). He was also the coauthor, photographer, and designer of A Way of Living (Simon Pearce, 2009) and Pastoral (2005–2012). He is currently the creative director and editor for A New Pastoral, an online resource and printed journal.

Glenn graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI, and with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA.

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Ann Billings Suokko

Recipes editor and writer

Ann is responsible for preparing our recipes and styling the dishes presented online at A New Pastoral, as well as those in A New Pastoral’s quarterly journal, where she expands upon them with additional context, family stories, and advice for these classic cooking techniques. Ann’s cooking is based on old family recipes that go back several generations in Vermont, which she likes to enhance with a lively new essence. Inspired by the beautiful meals prepared by good friends, Ann learned to cook through experience in her own home kitchen, by sharing recipes with friends and family, and through nurturing two children—teaching them to cook with fresh-picked ingredients from their family’s own gardens and fields in Woodstock, Vermont. Since 1991 Ann has worked with her husband, Glenn Suokko, to create books on food, art, design, and lifestyle. 

Ann graduated with a Master of Science degree from the University of Vermont, School of Natural Resources (renamed The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Mitchell Manacek

Editor and creative assistant

Mitchell is responsible for research, content development, and editing. Working alongside Glenn, Mitchell ensures that all stories and texts are clean and tidy for readers to enjoy.

Mitchell is the copyeditor for A New Pastoral’s quarterly printed journal. As an avid home cook living amongst Burlington, Vermont’s vibrant food culture, his goal is to engage readers with the positivity and excitement of Vermont’s progressive agricultural endeavors. He is editor for Valise Print Artisans’ publications.

He is the English editor for the Li Ching Cultural and Educational Foundation’s Archives of Modern Chinese Art catalogue raisonné series, copyeditor for Dartmouth College’s Studio Art Exhibition Program catalogue series, and copywriter for Glenn Suokko’s websites and marketing materials.

Mitchell studied English and History at the University of Vermont, where he graduated with honors as a Bachelor of Arts.

For many years, I have designed art books on some of the world’s foremost artists and museums.

Being an artist as well, it is my goal to depict that which is personally significant to me: the natural beauty and serenity of the land where I live and work in Woodstock, Vermont. My work, along with the work of artists I represent, is shown at the Gallery at Simon Pearce.

At home, my wife, Ann, and I tend gardens and cook with the results of our harvest. Like many who live in communities across Vermont, these pleasures have come to define a big part of our lives—something we invite friends and guests to share with us in print and online at A New Pastoral.

Among these pursuits, I also hold a great passion for a book’s physical quality and the integrity of its contents. Believing that a book should be a pleasure to read, behold, and give, I established Valise Print Artisans to create and publish them. At Valise, we are independent, resourceful, intentionally small, and full of energy. I invite you to explore the work that my colleagues and I are cultivating.

Glenn Suokko