Sanyu, Catalogue Raisonné: Prints

The Li Ching Cultural and Educational Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan


152 pages, hardcover with jacket and softcover, 9 x 12 inches, 52 color images

Graphic design, English copyediting, and production oversight

During the past two decades Sanyu has come to be regarded as one of the masters of modern Chinese art. His paintings, which once allured collectors primarily in Taiwan, have now attracted a wide array of collectors across Asia. Unfortunately, however, interest in his paintings as a viable financial investment has grown disproportionately to an aesthetic appreciation, let alone a curiosity about the historical and social milieu that served as the backdrop for his creativity. Even though more museums and scholars are turning their attention to the much neglected, but historically pivotal, Western-style modern Chinese art of the early twentieth century, most focus either on the artists who returned to China from the West to share what they had learned or those who stayed in the West and attained a certain level of success there. Sanyu falls into neither of these categories. Apart from the fact that his works have sold for high prices at auction, his life and his art have received limited attention. Alone and single almost his entire life, Sanyu was a very private man who confided in and communicated with few. With neither family nor close friends to sustain his legacy, uncovering details of his life and art has been a challenge.

From the Preface by Rita Wong